PRO-A600 DTF Printer

- Printing heads: 4x EPSON i3200

- Printing area: 600mm

- Up to 24m2/h capacity

- Better software compatibility

PRO-A600 DTF printer is a DTF printer specially developed for those customers who pursue high quality and mass production. The Pro series is a high-end flagship series developed by us, compared with the EVO series, the pro series has higher continuous printing stability, more software compatibility, better printing fineness and it also has a half year longer warranty. The DTF printer has a lot of advantages comparing with other machines (including Toner Transfer, or even high-end DTG). The print size for DTF PRO-A600 printer is 60cm, or 24 inches.

It works on both white and dark textiles and works with a variety of fabric styles (cotton, poly, blends, high-temperature resistanced leathers, denim, and more


- The most high-end flagship DTF printer

- Higher continuous printing stability and fineness

- Larger width, 30%-50% better productivity than EVO series

- Better software compatibility

- Longer warranty time and more gift accessories

PRO-A600 DTF Printer

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